42nd Annual NWCA Conference

“The Difference That Communicating Makes”

April 12-14, 2018


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Message from the President

The annual Northwest Communication Association (NWCA) Conference is our flagship event, and preparations are currently underway to ensure an exceptional conference experience for all participants. With five divisions representing different sub-disciplines in communication, there truly is a place for scholarly projects and presentations representing a wide range of theoretical, methodological and philosophical perspectives.

The conference theme this year is “The Difference That Communication Makes,” and the panels and other conference events will provide an outstanding platform for fully exploring this topic. Papers and proposals that connect with the conference theme will be given special consideration, and works not related to the theme are also strongly encouraged.

The February 7th submission deadline is fast approaching, so now is the time to submit your projects for presentation at the conference and encourage students and colleagues to do the same. Please refer to the listing of the divisions provided in this newsletter and on the NWCA website for additional guidance.

We are also looking for individuals who are interested in serving on the executive committee.  If you are interested in serving as the next second vice-president of NWCA, please contact me at

As has been the tradition in past years, the conference will begin with an opening reception on the evening of Thursday, April 12. We are waiting eagerly for your paper and panel proposals, and I sincerely look forward to welcoming all of you to Coeur d’Alene for the 2018 NWCA conference.

Kevin T. Jones, Ph.D.

President, NWCA


Message from the First Vice-President


The 2018 NWCA annual conference will be held April 12-14 at the picturesque Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The 2018 NWCA conference theme is, “The Difference that Communicating Makes.”  Submissions that apply this theme are certainly encouraged.

A strong and constant motivator and catalyst in our professional lives is that what we do and what we study matters. This comprises the everyday practices of scholars and practitioners in the Communication field and also extends to our shared subject matter, in the pursuit of three broad interests. First, for some, the difference that communicating makes leads to a focus on conditions, needs, troubles or opportunities to which we respond by communicating. Second, for others, the difference that communicating makes leads to a focus on what communicating actually brings about – in real time or over time, locally or globally, privately or publicly.  And third, for still others, the difference that communicating makes leads to a focus on the specifics of messages – through expressive means as well as communication media – which influence what communicating brings about.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Sanders, Professor Emeritus of the University at Albany, SUNY, will contribute to and facilitate our thinking about the difference that communicating makes. Dr. Sanders is the author of Cognitive Foundations of Calculated Speech, co-editor of Handbook of Language and Social Interaction, and is past editor of the journal, Research on Language and Social Interaction. In addition, Dr. Sanders has published dozens of articles and book chapters in the areas of social influence and collaboration, utterance meaning and cognitive process, interpersonal and intercultural communication and communication theory.

We look forward to a productive conference, and hope that you are able to join us!

Alan Hansen, Ph.D.
First Vice-President, NWCA